Mom makes me miserable


Short background story: I told my mom as soon as I found out I'm pregnant (I'm 21 but still live at home) and she hasn't been very supportive. She's always been there for me and now is when I really need her but she's not here.

I'm 13 weeks now, and I've told a few people here and there. Today she got very upset with me because someone approached her about my pregnancy. All they said was that they had an unplanned pregnancy at a young age and went on to be successful. My mom said I shouldn't have said anything to anyone yet. Which I don't understand because I felt like I had to tell a select few people because I'm not getting the support I need. I can't talk to her about anything baby-related because it upsets her and she reminds me that she's not going to help me. I never asked for help. I told her my partner and I are fine with doing everything on our own.

I'm starting to resent her because she makes me depressed and anxious. There have been quite a few incidents where she has just made me feel horrible. She makes me feel so alone, hopeless, and even to the point where I've wanted to hurt myself. I've talked to her about this on multiple occasions and she just doesn't listen. I'm going to be getting counseling soon so hopefully that will help with the depression. I hope my mom will come around once the baby comes, but at this point I don't even want her in my life.