Well I made the decision to end a very toxic relationship after 5 years about a week ago. Deep down I always knew the relationship wouldn’t work but I always doubted that feeling. Mainly because every time I would try to leave my partner would make me feel guilty and manipulate me into staying. I always thought that I was making the wrong decision and I would never be happy in another relationship. There were so many what ifs. But I’ve finally built the courage and I’m single now.

I’m sad and hurt and cry on and off because essentially I lost my best friend. The one person I spoke to everyday, all day. Being newly single, I realize I have no friends. None. We as a couple had a friends, but they were her friends first if you know what I mean.

So what now? I’m 24 years old. I live alone in a city I moved to about 45 min away from home to be closer to my job. I’ve lived her over a year and have not made one friend. I’m also not the most outgoing person so I’m not the one to just spark conversation in a random place.

I feel very lonely and depressed right now and have no one to talk to. Any suggestions on getting over a breakup? Meeting people?

Thanks for listening ❣️