Dry spell over!!

Update: So now we are texting and have plans to hang out when he's back in town. He's so great at sexting I'm shocked! Most guys I've dealt with are terrible at it but I guess since he's older he knows his stuff! Thanks for telling me to do it ladies cause I wouldn't have without the encouragement 🍆💦

So after a terrible break up and a year of not having sex I finally got laid! It made me so happy! It happened while I was on vacation and turns out the guy lives really close to my home. I have his business card and he was very nice. My question is whether or not I should message him? He's 10 years older then me. (I'm 24). And he passed out after sex and I left without leaving my number or saying bye.

So ladies...should I message him and see if maybe we could hook up regularly? Or should I just leave it as a fun hook up in my book?