My dads girlfriend is a monster


A little back story: my dad’s girlfriend moved in about a year ago. She’s 27 and he is 50 (I myself am 20 years old.) Now, things were super awesome at the start and we got along great. I really enjoyed having her around until true colours started to show.

A little bit about me: I work 2 jobs, I have a gorgeous Jeep I just purchased, and feel like I am most definitely going somewhere in life. I work my ass off and I’m happy to do it. On my days off I love to be at home, reading a good book, or keeping busy with errands. I also have severe depression and anxiety, so I really like to keep busy because that’s what makes me happy. I have an amazing boyfriend who is in the army and who I am so inlove with. And an amazing family who supports me and loves me.

A little bit about her: She is on “disability” for a hernia and gets funded by the government. (Don’t feel sorry for her yet) basically, she is beyond an alcoholic and smokes and gambles, doctors have told her multiple times that she can totally have the surgery and get back to work but she needs to stop drinking and smoking. She told me straight up “I’m capable of working, I just don’t want to cause I get money from the government.”

A little bit about my dad: my dad is a recovered addict. I didn’t have him in my life for about 96% of it. So, when the opportunity arose for me to move to the city and be with my dad, it made me so happy. I’m the only one out of his 3 kids that has stuck around and gave him a chance. I love my dad and all I’ve ever wanted was to have him in my life.

So, that’s when things started getting sour. I tolerated a lot, she’s filthy but I always cleaned up after her because that’s just the kind of person I am. She eats my food, which I let slide for a bit. But I started distancing myself from her because she is a very toxic person and I really don’t want that in my bubble, which I think I have every right to feel that way. I also don’t want that around my father (I know it’s not my place but I just don’t want to lose him to addiction again.)

Anyways, a few weeks ago. I was in the kitchen and she came up to me and said “can you gtfo of the kitchen so I can use it.” To which I said “heck no” for lack of a better word... which turned into her getting in my face telling me to grow up and that I’m pathetic and need to get help. (Once again, she is 27 and I am 20.) and that day I was ready to pack up and move back home but my dad begged me to stay because she was moving out in a week. (No, not because the broke up but because she wanted to live on her own again.) so, me being the sucker I am. I stayed. Unfortunately, things have escalated since then and here we are 3 weeks later. I have been kept up all hours of the night by her and her friends. She has taken it upon herself to eat the food that I pay for with the money I earn (I know that seems like a petty issue but it’s insulting because I work hard and all she does is mooch off of the government when she’s fully capable of working as well.) she’s absolutely FILTHY. I have photo proof of dishes and the kitchen being an absolute mess for OVER A WEEK until I cleaned it up.... like we’re talking so messy it stunk.

Now here we are today, she’s finally moved out. Yay right? WRONG. this bitch took all my food I had in the freezer and pantry and when I told her kindly that I would like it replaced or I would like to be paid back. This is what I got:

Throughout the past month, my anxiety and depression has been at the worst it’s ever been. And usually things like these don’t effect me, but I have been so emotionally exhausted that it did get to me and I am really struggling with it. I know in my heart that I am not alone and that I am going somewhere in life but that stupid little imbalance in my brain is on hyperdrive telling me that everything she’s saying is true.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I have been damaged emotionally by all of this and I hate it. I feel so lost.