Date my ex's twin??😱

Here's the deal. I was dating a guy, but it was not working so we mutually broke up. It wasn't all that serious, but there was a decent amount of emotion involved. we were only 16-17 and we only dated for 6 months. It has now been about 6 months since we broke up. He might still have feelings for me, but at one point I asked if he wanted to get back together and he gave me a very definitive NO (his answer could be more based on circumstances though). Either way I am over him now, and he gave his answer. Recently I started hanging out with his twin brother, just as friends (which I clarified with the twin) but I have started to develop feelings for him. We would make a really good match, and he is very kind and gentlemanly and you don't find guys like him very often. He was talking to my friend and apparently he also likes me and wants to date, but doesn't want to mess up his relationship with his brother. The ex is pretty laid back about this kind of thing, but he is sensitive. I really like the twin and my friend thinks we would be a great fit. What do we do?

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