whay should i do.


i really dont know what to do but any ways my ex husband which is now my boyfriend which i dont know which way to go he comes home late everyday he dont spend ti.e with his son when he is home and my family is planning a vacation to the beach but he is not going because he has to work out of town i dont believe it i already caught him cheating and i told him i had enough of it and i confronted him about and he denyed it well tonight he came home while me and my son where asleep for an hour on a half so it was about 1030 tonight when he came home woke me up and told me to move i told him im not moving and he has woken our son up and he is just crying his eyes out poor baby well his dad gets mad at him for crying and i told my son come on we are going to the living room and he is just crying still well his dad got really mad and told him to shut up im trying to sleep well i am sorry but your the one that came home and woke us up for no reason so its your fault for making our son in a bad mood bur he dont care about anything but himself and my dad is pissed at him but what else can i do i am like stuck.