Congested 6 week old

valerie • Louisa Lynn Clark 1/2/18 🌺🌺🌺 first time mama, new to all of this, so constantly on here reading everyone's experiences and gaining valuable insight!

My baby’s girl is 6 weeks and she’s extremely congested. I hoped it’d be going away as I’ve been trying different remedies for about 4 days, and today being the 5th day, her congestion is worse than it’s been ): she’s so restless all night because she randomly stops breathing.. no cough or fever and she seems pretty happy besides being super stuffy. I have humidifier running, I’ve used essential oils and Vicks on her chest and feet, and we’ve sat in the steamy bathroom every days. I’ve used saline drops and a nose sucker but the nose sucker seems to make it worse/swell up her tiny nose. Any mamas have any advice and or remedies that have worked for you? Here’s a picture of my sweet baby girl whom I just want to feel better, makes me so sad she’s not feeling great 😢