ttc after breast cancer ( ladies do your self checks!!)


my husband and I are 38 yo. we have been married 14 years and together 18. we have a 17 yo daughter and a 16 yo son and a little 9 month old surprise that is my little warrior baby. I found a lump in my right breast in the shower when I was 26 weeks pregnant with her and diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 weeks. at 32 weeks I had a unilateral mastectomy and warrior baby arrived at 35 weeks. at 4 weeks after birth I started chemo and that ended Sept 27th. then I did radiation and that ended November 17th. because of the fear of conceiving during cancer treatment I decided to go on depo shot. last shot was due Feb 5th but hubs and I decided that to carry on with life after cancer we would continue with our plans to give warrior baby a sibling. her older siblings are so much older than her and are on the cusp of moving out and Going to college. Having another baby prevents this little girl from being lonely for life. has anyone here had a baby after cancer? and after 2 shots how long did it take for af to return? we are hoping chemo didn't fry my reproductive system