vitex is good!

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so I was diagnosed with PCOS, and hubby and I have been ttc for a little over two years now and had a CP last September. I have been taking progesterone for about 7-8 months Dr prescribed and it did help force a period but it wasn't a "real" period. I would bleed a little for about 3 days and then it would stop. No cramps, no clotting, not a heavey period at all. I started taking vitex on 1/21/18 and 20 days later AF came!! this was my first real period in months terrible cramping the week before following into the day I started and today is the fourth day of this cycle and I could be happier cramps and bloating in all!! Only two more natural cycles then hubby and I are going to try again! vitex has done more for me so far then progesterone