Last minute valentines idea ? 😕


Okay so In january I ordered a few things from this website , like name bracelets and such. Well after looking through many comments among other things it turns out the page is a scam and I wasted my little $100.

Mind y’all I’m only 15, so theres not much I can do here. I have sent the information and stuff to cash app to try and get it refunded but it will take some time so I need new ideas ,

I was thinking I’ll make him a gift basket with his favorite snacks ( Twix’s , snickers , Hershey’s cookies and cream ) but I need something to make it special. Any ideas ? 😭❤️❤️❤️

He really likes dragon ball Z if y’all can think of anything. Also he won’t be coming until Friday , ( today’s Tuesday and valentines is tomorrow )