FTM - I have some labor questions! HELP

Okay so I’m 32 weeks pregnant and expecting my first child! I like to be extremely prepared and well informed and i have been doing tons of research on labor and what happens after. I just have a few questions:

1. I plan on getting an epidural and I know they also insert a catheter but what about after labor? Doesn’t it take hours for the epidural to wear off? How do you get up to use the bathroom or shower or anything?

2. I plan on breastfeeding, BUT if i choose not too then once baby is born do they pick out a formula for them at the hospital and it is provided for you?

3. I know labor can take hours so do nurses consistently check you on a time frame? Like every hour? Or do they watch your contractions?

4. Should i bring pads, etc. for the bleeding after labor? I know hospital provides some but should i depend on them or bring my own?


(These might seem like weird questions but i woke up in the middle of the night thinking of these 😂)