Ex wanting to be back in my life...

Long story, short (honestly, tried to make it short!)...

My ex and I lost communication a year ago after he married other girl after knowing her for around 2-3 months. Now, we both are married to different people (of course!🙄). We blocked each other on everything (social media, phone, numbers, every single thing) and after 10 months without talking each other, he made a coworker of his to try to contact me because apparently he needed to tell me something important and wanted to know how I was. I wasn’t buying it so I told him to tell him I’m just fine and that we don’t need to talk to each other, but he insisted to that he needed to tell me something directly and important. I texted him just in case it was a death or life thing because the way he talked to me, so he just wanted to tell me that he missed me, that he can’t stop thinking about me, that he did everything so he could find me and he was deploying soon... man, I tried to fall for it but I told him for his well-being and most importantly mine we should stop it right there. I wish him nothing but the best, but we both are married and even when we felt something for each other we can’t be together, the only thing I can offer is a friendship and is because he is far from me so I know I can keep things in control.

Fast forward, he said after a few days that he’s not happy with her, that he married the wrong person and regret it because he did it to hurt me. goal achieved, but it’s his fault and now he is paying the consequences. But I continued talking to him as a friend and told him to try to work things out with his wife, because not just revenge he saw in her when he married her.

After a few days, his wife read the only text I send him saying “thank you and sure text me whenever you want” but she wrote me back saying that she knows me and started to ask me why we’re talking and what is going on... because of that text I knew he deleted all the conversations.

After that I haven’t contacted him neither he... I feel I did wrong because I kept texting him as a friend even when I clarified that nothing will happen because I have boundaries regardless I feel something for him or not. Also, felt really bad for his wife because she thinks something happened or he is not being completely honest with her.