Family coming to visit the baby. Worried!


We just had our first and she’s a month and a half old. We live far away from family and the only family member that has met her is my mom who came for the birth. My husband and I both have younger siblings that live at home and their winter breaks happen to line up so both of our families planned a trip to come see the baby that week. Both of us have brothers in college who are also joining and then two grandmas as well. Only one grandma is going to actually stay in our apartment, the rest found places in town to stay, but still it’s a lot. In total it’s 13 people coming from 5 different states! I tried to make them all get flu shots and update their vaccines but I just found out my brother didn’t and I’m pretty upset about that. And I’m just nervous about so many new people being around her bringing so many germs from new places. I bought gloves and face masks and I’m going to try to enforce good sanitation habits but I’m so nervous and overwhelmed. I want our families to meet her but not all at once like this... what else can I do to ensure she doesn’t get sick while still letting people meet her?