TTC for Rainbow Baby - Ovulation frustration


I can't be the only one who still hadn't seen a positive OPK yet! I'm currently on CD23 and my tests haven't shown anything positive. Now, I've had the "getting closer" color lines but not anything the same darkness or darker than the control.

Because I'm getting frustrated and feeling like my body just hates me, my husband has said maybe I should stop testing, stressing and just go with with the flow. Let's be honest though this is my first cycle since our MMC and D&C; so not knowing when I should expect to ovulate and when my next period should show up is nerve racking. I understand it's going to take a while to get back to normal but this waiting part is hard.

It doesn't make it any easier when I've had a couple of days lately just feeling down about going through the whole process again and the ultimate cause I wish I was still pregnant. I'm just overall struggling.