My boyfriend is so sweet

Ashley • Miscarried 8/9/17. Had my rainbow baby Janessa Lynn on 9/11/18.

So last month I ruined my iphone because I had a can of soda in my purse I went to put my phone into my purse(which I never do) and the corner of the phone hit the can of soda and the soda exploded I had a small Dent in the frame of my iPhone it was like that when I bought it so a drop of soda got into my phone and ruined it. that was my iphone

Anyway I was going to buy a new phone after I got my school refund but I am failing my current class so I have to wait till my next class to get that and it won't be till about the end of March. so I've been using this stupid Zte phone and I hate it. My boyfriend came home from work last night and asked how much the phone I wanted was because he is going to buy it for me since he got his taxes today but he is going to buy it on Thursday when he gets paid and he hates iPhones. He knows I prefer iphones. I thought it was super sweet. I love him so much. sorry I thought it was cute I just had to share