Is he rude in this situation?

I am currently a junior (in highschool) and one of the courses I take is AP Chemistry. The person I sit next to is disliked by a majority of our grade, and I thought he was okay until he started asking me kind of (what I think to be) unwarranted questions. Mainly about my appearance/who I am, like "why are you wearing your hair up in a bun", "you aren't Asian", and saying things along the lines of "your hair looks kind of strange, I don't like it"

Just some background information, I used to wear my hair in more typical ways (straight down or in a pony tail) but this year I have been more for dressing how I want and doing things I don't normally do (like surprise, wearing my hair in a bun!). I am partly Asian, as my mother is from Malaysia.

Regarding him, I want to respond more snarkily because I have been kind of peeved by his unwarranted and kind of rude comments. I would love to answer something like "I don't wear my hair to please you"... should I? I previously said he is generally disliked, this is because of the kind of obnoxious ways he acts and his bad social skills. He makes a lot of self deprecating comments.

How do I go about responding to him? And what are your takes on the situation?

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