Dear Mom.

I wish you would just come out and tell me you don't care, I wish you would just quit making me feel important even though you wouldn't mind if I was dead or alive. My problem is, my brain isn't functioning right and I've been waiting on this neurology appointment since October and because of you and your husband I don't have insurance so the least you could do beings I can't work because doctors are telling me I'm high risk so I can't is help me a little bit all I'm asking for is $240 to get my brain looked at because at 22 I randomly began having stress related seizures and your not helping my stress levels. You laugh at me and have posted videos to snap chat when I have them because you think that they are an amusement. You tell me when I'm weak and can't get up by myself to figure it out because you don't want to help me. I don't deserve this especially not from my mother. I always thought a mom was supposed to love,support,care unconditionally but you,you could care less these days you'd rather spend $400 a month on leggings you wear once maybe twice and leave on your floor. You spend thousands of dollars a year I. new furniture you don't need, you complain because you have no food to feed your children yet you go and spend over $600 on a hotel stay for you and your pathetic husband. All I need is for you to care you say your kids are your #1 priority but these days I just don't see it, your 6 year old is wearing pants in the middle of winter that don't cover his ankles, your 13 year old who has to wear clothes that aren't even his because he doesn't have any that fit, you oldest son has injured toes because you can't buy him shoes. Your house is a mess because you'd rather think your a queen and other people should clean your mess than you doing it yourself like an adult. Grow up mom because I'm not your parents, they died and your 43 you shouldn't need someone to parent you, especially not your child. I'm done caring about you and your pitty stories. I will only come around because my siblings NEED me. Dear Mom, I wish you would tell me you don't care.