So here’s my labor and delivery story

Morgan - First Time Mommy
So here’s my labor and delivery story. Monday night contractions started full force around 5pm. I called my mom and told her she left work at stayed at my house that night to time my contractions. Tuesday morning came around 6am and eventually they got to 3min apart and they were hurting so bad I finally went to the hospital. We got to the hospital and I was only a 1cm dilated and my contractions were not regular enough for them to admit me so they stripped my membrane for tge 2nd time and sent me home. On the way home the contractions got so intense I couldn’t stand. I tried to lay down and get some sleep but they pain was so intense I couldn’t take it so around 9am we were headed back to the hospital. We arrive there and they check to see if I had dilated any and still no change. They gave me a sleeping pill and back home I went. We get home and they pain got so bad this time I was throwing up and was doubled over in pain and the sleeping pill was doing nothing. So it was around 11:30am we went back to the hospital once again for the 3rd time and I refused to not be admitted this time. Lucky me as we were walking into the hopsital my water broke. They finally admitted me got me my epideral and started me on Pitocin. After hours of monitoring we find out the Pitocin was causing my babies heart rate to drop so they stopped the Pitocin but no change her heart rate continued to drop and I wasn’t dilating past 2cm. So I was rushed into an emergency c-section and finally at 11:44pm Tuesday night I had my baby girl Hadliegh Elizabeth Parks💕 She is by far my greatest blessing💕 
            8lbs 1oz        20.5inches long