Chances of getting pregnant

Amber • My baby girl born December 20th ‘19 🥰

I took an opk on Friday early morning like 1am (I’m a night worker) and it came out positive! I took another couple 3 hours later and it was darker then before. Mind you I haven’t ovulated in almost a year and I’ve been in Metformin for 9 days when I took the opk. I took it again on Saturday and it’s positive again but this time I got terrible cramps, sharp pain and all on both sides. I think I ovulated Saturday or sunday morning. But I’m not quite sure when I actually did, just a guess because the cramping stopped when I woke up. Just a little sore. Then I took a opk on Monday night and it was negative sadly. But I kind of knew it would be. Me and my partner has sex Monday night and Tuesday morning. He was sadly out of town when I took those test. Just my luck right ? What are the chances of still getting lucky and conceiving my first ?