am I imagining things or??


so... there's this guy I work with.. before Christmas, he started coming up to talk to me to my desk more and more often. we work on the same project, but not in the same group at all, so we really need to interact all that much. I didn't realize at first, but last friday he came by 6-7 times (and we are very busy haha), that kinda made me realize it lol. we hang out with the same group of people during after work events and usually just naturally end up talking together. we get along great, we laugh a lot together. thing is, I'm super shy/very private regarding love & relationships. and not very experienced too.

so, I guess my questions are:

- Am I reading too much into things?

- What would you do to see if he's really interested? (I know asking point blank IS an option but I think I'd spontaneously combust if I tried that 😄)

- What is your opinion on dating someone from work?