Complex PTSD


How in the world do you go about treating this? It’s absolutely killing me. My mind is overloaded and my heart is so locked away. I am scared to trust anyone, even my boyfriend. I never started worrying about him cheating on me until I moved in with him. That seems like that’s all I think about. I have been abused physically by a guy that kidnapped me basically.. I was locked in a room for 6 months. I have a story about that on here.. Raped.. Cheated on.. Left to die in a closet. All kinds of stuff has happened to me. For almost two years, I moved out of my home state. Focused on myself. Built myself up again. I got into a relationship with my current boyfriend. I am happy with him. And I love him dearly. I wouldn’t know how to live life without him . But I am still suffering badly from this PTSD . I can’t sleep most nights? Sometimes even scared to sleep because I have nightmares that literally make me have panic attacks in my sleep. I am so tired of feeling this way!!