Boyfriend loves his mom more than me...

Sage • I have the most perfect daughter and handsome husband 💜💙 due with #2 on 5/2/21

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost four years. We had a baby last week and for some reason ever since she was born, he has been stuck to her tit. He’s constantly inviting her over to our house, texting her, on the phone with her, etc. we didn’t have any time alone with our daughter until she was a week old because she’s constantly at our house. Our texts are so dry. It’s always super short and he doesn’t use punctuation. I read their texts and he seems so much more into their conversations.

“Can I come over?” “Yes!!!!!!”

She’ll call him and he will talk for hours and hours.

He defends her when I say anything negative about her. She always tells me I should have “broke up with him while I could” and now I’m “stuck with him”. And it really pisses me off. But he defends her. But he never defends me. Ever. To anyone. And she’s always talking shit on him. “He is so messy” “he lies to you all the time” “remember that time when he lied to you? Has he ever admitted to you that he lied?” (It was over three years ago and I KNOW he didn’t lie. There was proof. But why is she still bringing it up? So I’ll break up with him?)

She is his stepmom and literally ripped him away from his real mom when he was 8. She put him through hell so I honestly can’t stand her. And I don’t understand why he treats her so great.

I’m just so upset and it’s not fair that I’m jealous of his mom. Me and my daughter should be put first. Not her.

I’m just at a loss. I’ve talked to him about it and he just gets mad. I’ve told him how I feel and it’s like he doesn’t care. How am I supposed to be okay with being pushed to the side? I feel like the third wheel more than she does.