Mad and now freaking out. Please help.

Okay, so I don’t know how to feel or what to say to be honest, I’ve posted before and I got some harsh replies, and I get it - it was my mistake, but I just hope this time people would be a bit more caring.

So I saw my boyfriend yesterday, sex or anything sexual for that matter wasn’t on the mind but one thing led to another... mind you, I’m a virgin - though my boyfriend says I’m not because I don’t have my “hymen” - lol. I’m not ready to have full on sex, I want to get married first before I do that. One thing led to another.. and I said okay to him just slipping the head inside me... fuck it hurt. We ended up going for 2 rounds, I know so much more nothing sexual.

First time around, he came on my mound, he cleaned it up right away and I got up and washed up immediately with soap and water, even got the soap and water all the way up inside my vagina.

Second time, it was more on my stomach, and I did the same washed up and everything. Just to be safe, I got the morning after pill this morning, so like 13hrs post “sex”.

While we were talking today, he says he actually went all the way in. Like fully penetrated.

I couldn’t feel that he did? (He’s not that big......). I’m fucking pissssssssssssssed because it was a mutual decision! Then he says he did that?! And I’m not on birth control, and we didn’t have a condom in hand, and I’m somewhere where I can’t have an abortion, it’s illegal!

Please, be kind and if you want to blame me or say something bad at least say it in a kind manner, I know I did a mistake.

Is there a chance I could get pregnant? And when is the best time to take a pregnancy test? I just finished my period on Saturday, this happened yesterday (Tuesday) and <a href="">Eve</a> says I start ovulation within 2 days.

What are my chances???