Worst Valentine’s Gift ever.

Sima • 🌸 32 Years Old • Army 🇺🇸 Veteran • Beau Leighton - Stillborn 10/27/18💙•

I had posted last week with faint positives and after taking like 12 tests with the same results, I started to have brown spotting Saturday and Sunday (this never happens before AF). Monday I have the worst AF ever, with visible clots passing too. I emailed my provider asking her to see me and she pretty much told me to kick rocks and she was booked. So I had my provider switched and met with my new Dr yesterday (after spending plenty of time explaining to TRICARE why I wanted to switch). Did some blood work and a physical exam, came home. He called this morning and confirmed that I had a (super early) miscarriage. Hooray. My second in six months (the first, I was 10 weeks). Here’s to hoping for better next time. 💔