faint positive lines on a pregnancy test???????


i have had really unusual spotting the past month i have never bled out side of my period... I'm 26 years old and that hasnt happened in all these years.....so i was positive i was finally pregnant after we have been trying since june.....i woke up sunday and had what i thought was my period.... however it never got nearly as heavy as my period and only last until monday afternoon.... my period is usually 5 days so this was off to me.....i went and got a home pregnancy test and is what came up ......i know its very light but i have taken so many of these since june with never anything but a very clear negative so i am very confused....and i dont even want to let myself believe its true after every month having a big dissapointment.....any opinions or experiences like this

and what was the outcome? any help would be great thankyou!!!