Valentine’s Morning 💕

All my waiting and it’s finally Valentine’s Day! 💋🌹🍓💝❤️

I got all dolled up 💄and sexy 👠and drove 🚗 over to my boyfriends house 🙋🏽‍♂️He’s sound asleep😴 so I wake him with some sweet kisses 💋💋💋on his neck and lips and face. Cuddle time! 💑 Sooner than later, you know what pops up. 🍆 So, I roll over him and softly grind to wake him further 😏 and he starts trying to persuade me. I played along for a little bit and then I said, “baby. I don’t want to ruin anything for tonight.” And I brought him downstairs to the kitchen.

I made him pancakes for breakfast. Just the way he likes them. 🥣🥞 Two big pancakes. Lightly buttered with peanut butter spread on each. Then a side pile of syrup. 🥞🥓🥛

The rest of the morning we snuggled in bed until I had to leave to drive my brother to school. ✌🏻