I can’t be the only one?!


I need advise as this is driving me literally insane!

How do you stop your child from giving you head lice!

It’s gross.

I feel dirty and disgusting.

We both have really long, thick hair. She ties it back everyday for school; tight braids or a pony tail, I use tea tree shampoo and conditioner at every wash and also use the comb every time. I use repellent spray and this week just started also drowning her in hairspray.

I’ve even done our hair a couple of days ago to find she had none and I had loads!

It’s embarrassing.

I want to desperately get my hair cut but feel paranoid and that I can’t until I’ve been ‘clear’ or them at least 2-3 weeks!

Any advise??

I’m at my wits end! 😭