HELP am i pregnant ?

Okay so i had sex w my boyfriend and then the last time we did was new year’s <a href="">eve</a>. then we didn’t have sex for a whole month then started to have sex again February 1st. my period is 6 days late and the February 1st time we didn’t use a condom and he pulled out. it was 6 days after my ovulation period ended. i really don’t think i’m pregnant at all but my period is late!! my friend said that she didnthave sex for a while then started again and her period was a week late. i’m taking a test today but i just wanted opinions. i’ve also been really busy and stressed and haven’t taken my medicine ( folate deficiency pill) in over 2 weeks. i think i’m okay but please give me opinions. i used a condom the other times after February 1st tho.