The best sex

I finally told my boyfriend I'd always fantasised about being raped by him. I was so apprehensive but it turned him on so much, I love to be dominated but I think it was the complete control he would have over me. So the day after I tell him we're sitting on my bed and he grabs my hair and pulls me down to be led next to him. Next this I know he's ripping my knickers off and starts rubbing my clit. By this point in so turned on and wet I can practically feel it dripping down my legs. Then he looks and me and just as I think he's about to kiss me he slaps me hard across the face. He then flips me over so I'm lying on my stomach and starts to finger my asshole. Then he grabs my neck to choke me and as he does so sticks his dick straight in my ass. He then proceeds to fuck me harder than he ever has all the while pulling my hair and choking me. Then he flips me over again and puts my legs on his shoulders and continues to fuck the shit out of me. Whilst he's doing this he carries on slapping me and choking me. Then when I can tell he's getting ready to cum he takes both hands around my neck and chokes me so hard I could barley breath. We then both came at the same time. Thai is best sex we've ever had, I came 9 times