"This is my life novel, in a short story"


so heres my story since i have no one else. . . .I've been with my significant other for 10 years. we use to be inseparable, every single day we had to see one another. when we would sleep over with one another we had to be touching considering we were teenagers at the time and his mom would sleep on the couch next to us lol but we at least had to be holding hands we were so in love but now we can't stand one another I feel my self remembering all the good sweet times there was a time where I screwed up and went out with my friends to end up at a party with only guys and only three girls but they would only flirt. it didn't go beyond which I let them know I was in a relationship. I was unaware that, that's were we would be ending up but nothing happened. . . I was just young and just wanted to get drunk, he got mad once I got home and freaked out on me because I was honest and told him everything that happened. the next day he felt bad he left a dozen roses next to my bed for when I woke up it was the sweetest thing ever. . . another time he rode his bike 4 miles from his house to the store just to buy me an orchid and rode back home leaving it on my bed for when I got home from school in the freezing cold . . . .we would go out an drink and he would cry and pour out his feeling on how much he loves me we've had a night when his mother was out of town and his dad let me stay over and let us sleep together when his mother was so against it which I see why now being older lol his dad went to bed early we had the whole house to ourselfs we cuddled watched music videos and even did other things he even had gotten the wood stove so hot it glowed neon orange so we open the front door so it would cool down the beginning of this relationship was like a movie/dream if it had a title I would name it "Something Romantic" well that's all for now but I'll continue it later. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -now we continue. . . as I left off things were perfect; everyone would tell us that all the time how perfect we were together. A week before I was eighteen, I moved in with him and his parents. It was going great; his mom had her rules, which I tried so hard to follow but you could tell his mom didn't really want to like me period no matter what I did. one night I got stuff for dinner, came home to cook and give her a break. . . .? wrong, she went off on me threatening me throwing stuff at me. . . calling me names; my significant other had to hold her back I grabbed my stuff and left. I started walking home to my parents house. . .at that point, I was done. I did nothing wrong to his mother. I helped, I got a job(mind you this lady has never had a job in her life), I would help them with groceries, with cleaning, anything she needed I would help with. . . . he ran down the road to catch up to me. (I told him to go home!) he got down on one knee with grabbing my hand in the middle of the street and said "I want to marry you, I want us to be together forever and grow old together you are my everything I will go crazy without you" purposed said one day, he'll get me the ring I deserve. to be continued.