Valentine time baby

shaily • FTM to a baby boy💙 Feb 2018

yesss finally my turn to share my birth story. Well baby boy decided to make his appearance at 9:03 this morning. My water broke yesterday morning didn’t realize it was my water thought it was my mucus plug. Changed my underwear and pad went to lay back down and next thing Ik this big gush of water came out literally as soon as I was writing a post on here asking a question it broke lol. Woke up my hunny and we went to the doctors and hey confirmed it but tried to send me home because my contractions were close but we lived half an hour away so we went to the mall to walk around instead oh btw I was 5 cm 😱 then as soon as we got to the mall I was cramping up bad so we decided to head over. They put me on potocin to speed things up I don’t start feeling contractions till 2 am and boy were they horrible at first I was having back labor. I tried my best to get to go natural but once them contractions came boy did I ask for morphine and the epidural which was amazing I slept for a good 3 -4 hours then as soon as I woke up I need to “poop” and it only took me less than an hour to push my boy out❤️ 26 hours of labor was well worth it we are so in love with our valentine baby