5 dpo; what's going on with me!

Jenna • Dreaming of creating my first little miracle! 🤰🏼 Update: Dreaming of completing our family!

Ok so, I am 5 dpo and have had dull cramp like things going on down there starting around 3dpo and I don't know what to think! I know it's not implantation because it's too early so what the heck!

This hasn't happened to me before (unless I'm just about to start AF) but I'm not suppose to start until the 22nd-23rd! I am just curious if anyone has experienced this and got their BFP?!?

I'm hopeful but not getting my hopes up... hopefully lol! I had a chemical last month and am just praying that these cramps are a sign of good things to come!?

Please share you're earliest signs before you got your BFP!!

Thank you for you're stories in advance and Happy Valentine's Day! 💗