Valentines baby 💕


So here is my story...I went to the bathroom at 12:30am in February 13th. After I peed I had a trickle of fluid and I didn’t know what it was. I went back and forth through my head whether or not to call the doctor. I figured since after about an hour and there was no wetness on my underwear I was fine and it was maybe excess pee. My mom called me in the morning and I told her about it and she convinced me to call my doctor. Well my doctor told me to come in so they could check. I went to the clinic at 11:15am and the tested me and it was defined amniotic fluid! I wasn’t due until March 2nd so I was in shock. I called my husband and we gathered our things and got to the hospital at 12:30pm. I was only dilated at a 1 when I there. I still wasn’t having any contractions and they just wanted me to wait and see if anything would happen. 3:00pm comes with still no contractions so they gave me Cytotek. I started having mild contractions but nothing bad at all. At 6:30pm my doctor checked my cervix and broke the rest of my waters. I was dilated at a 3-4. The contractions definitely started coming then!! They were painful but my husband was so supportive and I was able to breathe through them pretty well. At 10:00pm I got the epidural. I was super scared of how bad it would hurt but to my surprise it really wasn’t painful, just a weird discomforting feeling. At 11:00pm I told the nurses I could still feel contractions on my right side and only my left side was numb. They believed me and called back the anesthesiologist and he took out my previous epidural and replaced it with a new one. OMG IT WAS SO PAINFUL! I don’t know why this one hurt so much more then the first one but I was just happy it worked this time. It was amazing not having to be in any pain and just relax. I got new nurses at 1:00am February 14th and was dilated at a 5-6. They checked me again an hour later and I was at a 7-8 then at 3:45am I was ready to push! I was so pleased with how well I had progressed especially being a first time mom. I still ended up pushing for two hours (which was exhausting!) and Bridger James was born 5:45am 6lbs 18.75 inches 💙 He gave us a scare when he came out because he wasn’t breathing on his own, but the doctors worked their magic and he is a healthy baby boy!