Finally feeling good since pregnancy

Taylor • soon to be mommy to rowen kingsley ☺️✨

Got all dressed up for really the first time since I got pregnant today. I’m 21 weeks and this pregnant has been HARD! My husband lost his job when I was just a couple weeks pregnant and we had to move in with my mom and her new husband and five kids in a one story house until we could get back up on our feet. This is our first baby, unplanned, and we went from being on our own and fairly good on money, to having to break our lease and sell our furniture to make it by.. well, today, February 14th my husband got a call back for an amazing management job, amazing enough for us to be able to get back on our feet again and hopefully get a place before our little man comes in June. We got all dressed up and celebrated with the little money we do have today. Here’s a picture of me with a little bit more hope than I had yesterday :) what a wonderful Valentine’s Day!