Myra • Mommy to a beautiful baby girl 💕 02•02•2020 🤱🏽

I’m going to take a pregnancy test in the next couple days or so, but, I’ve been having symptoms in the past month like extreme hunger, no matter how much I eat. We went out for breakfast today, and for the first time, i finished everything on my plate, and an hour later, I was looking through my kitchen for more food. I get crazy mood swings. I’m extreme happy one second, and then I feel like I wanna cry. Also, I constantly have to go pee and it’s kinda getting annoying. However, my boobs aren’t sore and they’re not getting bigger. I’ve been pregnant before, but I lost it unfortunately.. my last period was Jan 22-26, but it was very light with no cramping. I don’t think it was spotting. I still had to use tampons, but Ive never had it that light.

Is it worth getting a test? Or am I just thinking I’m pregnant. I don’t wanna set myself up for disappointment, you know?