Mother in laws? Advice!


So I gave birth to my daughter five months ago, and ever since she was born i feel like my mother in law wants to take role of being her mother. For example during cold weather, I never wanted my daughter to go out. She was about 3-4 months old. And by out, I literally mean take her outside the backyard in the cold. My MIL would say, “ well I don’t think it’s cold, so I’m taking her out” she ended up in the hospital 4 days later. I was very hesitant to take her out because she had just gotten better and scared she’d get sick again l. Well she did. Anyway, I feel like I tell her NOT to do things and she literally does the exact opposite and always gives me an answer of, “ I don’t think” “i think this is better” it’s so frustrating. I also have made it very clear that i don’t want to feed her solids until 6 months. I did enough research and spoke with her doctor to feel that 6 months is appropriate. Oh god, my boyfriends entire family has judged me left and right onto why I am making that choice. They believe I needed to feed her at 3 months so she can walk faster and like every food. And That’s not even the bad thing!! I caught my MIL getting bing her noodle soup!!! I immediately took her away and got so angry. I also told her that i didn’t want her kissing her in the mouth ( personal reason) her dad and i do not do that and everyone knows including my MIL, since my daughter was born. Anyway today I caught her doing it, and asked her not to do it and she literally said I kissed her nose and she kissed her mouth and kept kissing and laughed!!!! WTH. Anyway, another thing I hate is that every time we are over, all she and her husband do is hold her!!!! When I am holding her, she comes up to me and says” give her to me” and then takes her. I’m at the point where I do not what to go over at all and give myself and ny daughter a break from the entire family!! It’s horrible. I spoke to my boyfriend about it a few times and he has told them but they don’t listen and recently I’ve been holding a lot in and it’s making very emotional and sad. This may sound weird but I feel like I have no control of my daughter when I’m around them. They question all my decisions as a mother and feel the need to be her parent when they aren’t. They even questioned and judged me because we got her a passport book instead of of the card. We got a card for financial reasons and we are taking a trip soon. so we decided to get the card for now but got her a passport since we plan on going to Hawaii next year. We thought it was ideal and it simply worked out for us. We will get our books soon and won’t spend much by the time we get it. Anyway, they literally asked me, “why did you get the book?” I answered “We plan to travel within five years” they said, “ where to??” And laughed. I just want to cry and yell at her! But it’s hard because she is my daughters grandmother. Has anyone gone through this?! Any advice?

Ps. Be nice! My MIL and I have always had a great relationship until I got pregnant

She wanted to control what my daughter would eat since before I found out the gender. ( I’m vegetarian) mind you, she never wanted a girl because she’s “not used to girls” ( she only has boys) she wnated to control everything she would do!