Advice for baby name


I’m 20 weeks today and my boyfriend and I have just found out it’s a boy! The whole time we were thinking girl, and my family was too. We were thinking of the name Lennon for a girl- but since were having a boy and Lennon is gender neutral we still want to use the name.

My problem is my family. They keep saying (in a respectful way) that I should keep looking. My name is Gabriella and people call me G or Gabby and my mom always swore I’d always go by my full name- same with my sister.

They keep saying people are going to call him Lenny (which me and my boyfriend don’t like).

I simply say that I’ll correct people and say no his name is Lennon (me and boyfriend agreed Len is fine for a nickname if people must). My mom and sister say this won’t work because my mom tried that and I won’t always be around. But when my child is old enough, he can just say my name is Lennon?

What do y’all think? Should I just go with a different name? We’ve already agreed on this name and have been calling him Lennon - and it’s really the only name we like. Is it possible to not have a nickname used we don’t like ? Or not possible like my family is saying ? We wanted his full name to be Lennon Cedar Jones- my boyfriends last name is jones and mine is Seader so his middle name would be a play on my last name- just spelled differently . Is that dumb too? 😭 ugh thank you for your advice and opinions