Born at 38 weeks. Sweet Valentine’s baby.


Wow what a story. Pregnancy went very smooth. Getting to this point in pregnancy did not go so smoothly. My husband and I tried for two years to have a baby. Our first pregnancy we were so excited. Only to find out at our first appointment the baby had passed away at 9 weeks. We thought for sure it was just a common miscarriage and we would fight through this and move on! 5 miscarriages and two years later we began to feel hopeless and confused. All tests were normal, only thing that came back was MTHFR. In my case that affected me none, it didn’t cause clotting or anything. So here we are even more confused. We decided to start birth control again and just enjoy the two of us. Clearly it wasn’t God’s will for us to have a child at this point in life. A few months into the BC I noticed my alopecia had started to come back, a minor condition in my case that causes hair loss and BC always makes it worse. We stopped the BC with plans of still being safe because we weren’t ready for another heart break. Only to find out months later I was pregnant again. This time in my heart it felt different. I couldn’t explain exactly what felt different it just did. Each appointment we would go to, I would go weekly for heartbeat checks, the baby was still alive and getting bigger! I refused to let myself get too attached because my heart couldn’t handle another loss at the moment and especially a unplanned one. I remember the day they asked if I wanted to know the gender I said well duh! Only to hear I was having a sweet baby girl. My heart melted instantly, that was my dream as a child. A sweet baby girl. Here we are 38 weeks later, I’m writing this in the hospital as she is in my arms. Monday morning, 37w5d I go to the doctor for a check, so far I haven’t been dilated at all. To find out Monday I’m at 1cm and finally things are happening. I had a feeling in my heart again the entire pregnancy that she’d be early. I always said two weeks early, not really doing the math. Tuesday morning I wake up, 37w6d feeling fine woke up early decided to get up and have some coffee and read my bible. I get up to walk to the restroom and notice my underwear beginning to fill with fluid. I think well Heather come on now if this is pee this is a little much don’t you think. Only for it not to stop and me realize it’s my water breaking! We get to the hospital the check my urine for Amniotic fluid and it tests negative. Wow I at that point questioned my entire life, I knew that I knew that I knew my water had been broke!! We walk the hallways to try to get more fluid on a pad to test again. I prayed and prayed lord please don’t let them send me home, my biggest fear was something happening this far into the pregnancy. The second tests come back POSITIVE. I am still only at a 1cm and cervix is hard and closed. Not the ideal situation, at all! So start pitocin at 2pm on 2/13 and stayed on it upping my dose each hour to finally hit the max amount the next morning around 3.... still at 1cm. I was having contractions but not dilated. We then scheduled a C section for later that morning. It all of a sudden became real. I was going to be a mommy of a sweet baby girl. Finally. Surgery went great, baby was perfect in every way. My husband and I just cried uncontrollably once they pulled her out and we heard that first cry. Our hearts and lives will never be the same. By the time I made it to the recovery room my spinal had wore off completely. I never got the epidural bc I hadn’t made it past and 1 and was in no pain. Wow the pain of the c section hit my body like a ton of bricks. It took a lot of pain medicine to control it and In the recovery room process I hemorrhaged. Which wasn’t fun either they now had to come massage and when I say massage I mean push so hard and rub so hard on my incision to encourage the clots and blood to come out. I screamed in pain, I am not telling you this to scare you at all. It’s just my story and after having my girl it’s all worth it (it’s really true what they say). I still am unable to wrap my mind around my girl being born on Valentine’s day. All of this story really is to give God a praise. He gave her to me on the day that celebrates Love, and his love is the truest and most pure love. Sweet Charli Lyn was born 2-14-18 at 10:05am. 7lbs 3oz of perfection. And 19 inches long. All of this to say, don’t give up. Trust me, God has greater things in store. He does have a plan. And even if your delivery doesn’t go as planned, it’s ok.. you were never in control in the first place.