Emotional While OTP w/Fiancée

ZaBrianna • Mommy of 2 beautiful twin girls 👶🏾👶🏾 05/09/2021 👼

Soo .. Last night i went to the bathroom and my fiancée called me before coming home from work. As we were talking, everything got quiet and i just started crying. Literally bawling my eyes out!!! I have no idea why I started crying, and he asked me what I was crying for and he told me that i was pregnant. I proceeded to walk out of the bathroom and into the kitchen after washing my hands and i began to eat up (ALMOST) everything in there. He says to me, "Yep. You're Pregnant. I dont care what those previous tests say. You're pregnant with my baby." Has anyone ever gotten emotional early in pregnancy for no odd reason at all? According to this app i am 5 weeks 3 days.