Tips for handling hitting with a 14 mo old

My son is 14 months on the 20th and has taken up hitting, first off it takes a lot for me not to laugh because he has HUGE hands and the slap sounds so loud. Second, it’s just us, he is rarely watched by someone else, and does not see or experience hitting regularly (if at all, anything he’s seen has been playful because my mom will jokingly slap my dad’s arm or whatever) but lately when he gets mad because I can’t figure out what he wants or he doesn’t get his way he slaps. Intentionally. I know I need to nip this in the bud, but my question is how do you mommas do it? I’ve tried setting him down and walking away and just saying we do not hit. And then he just has a full blown fit or calms down until I pick him up again and does it again. I’ve also tried swatting (not hard) the back of his hand and saying no and that doesn’t work he laughs and hits me again lol. I’m not a fan of spanking or anything but wanted to see if he reacted better (all kids are different and respond to different forms of discipline) so I’m looking for tips on handling this one. TIA.