Desiree • mom of teenage girls, Rainbow baby boy born 5*25*18!

I'm currently 24w4d with a baby boy. I'm pretty sure this boy will excel in karate, soccer, kickball..... anything with his legs and feet flying, like seriously he mule kicks!!!.... the last week and half I have a bruise on the underside of my belly. it's right where he ALWAYS kicks and it HURTS! even when I rub lotion on my belly, I can barely stand running my hand over it. is it possible this little boy just bruised me from the inside?? I know my iron isn't low, my Dr just told me at my last appt it was over 100 and to keep doing what I'm doing... and I've knocked the daylights out of my leg and had a knot, but it never bruised... what's going on????? TIA.