caught baby fever from kylie's video

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I made the mistake of watching it and anyone can say anything they want about kylie, but I think it's beautiful that she decided to have a baby because she felt like she was born to be a mom. I love that. I want a baby. all my friends have cute kids, and watching my husband talk and play with my friend's 2yro while we babysit her.. oh. or another friend's 6 month old baby.. oh it's too much for me and my hormones 😭 I mean I'm on my period rn so I'm way more hormonal but I want to be pregnant and have a baby and decorate a nursery and have someone to take care of and make baby food for and I want to breast feed and be a stay at home mom and I want my husband to be a daddy because he wants that so much so.. how do I deal with having baby fever when I can't have a baby? I just moved and I don't have any health care here until the end of the year.. never had a pregnancy scare either or a miscarriage so I have no idea if we'll even be able to have a baby quick 😯😟