Technically 19 days late πŸ˜’

Ashley β€’ Happily married, have a wonderful son, and a new baby girl πŸ’œ

So I was 14 days late when I started spotting (brown and not enough for a pad or tampon). That lasted for barely 3 days, then I stopped. Up until that day I've taken 6 HPTs and got BFNs. When it started I was relieved mainly because I thought I got an answer. But I wouldn't consider that a period. I was thinking it might be implantation bleeding, but I tested again today with a BFN. I'm about to make an appointment with my doctor but last time I spoke with her (when I was 3 days late) she said that they wouldn't consider anything wrong until I am at least 3 months late. Is it to much to ask for either a BFP or a legit period?!?!