Wreck My Shit😏


Oh my body is on fire from being so hyped up about my boyfriend. I went to his first football game last night. I was supposed to pay attention to the game, but I kept looking for him and drooling.

He wasn’t able to find me on the crowd but this is exactly how I was looking at him. That damn uniform looked damn good on him I couldn’t help it. Then after the game I found his parents and waited for him. He was packing his stuff up and I wanted to say something slick to him, but his mom was next to me😂. All he did was say “Hey, how you doing Alex.” And my whole body lost it.

I don’t know what has gotten into me, but dammmmmn it I want him to wreck my shit. I can’t look him in the face. Just like

I can’t help it. And I see him again today, so we’ll see if I can keep my mouth and legs closed. I swear to the gods I’ll jump him and make him weak, son!