How did you fall pregnant!!

Okay ladies so my partner and I have being trying for a while now! And it’s starting to hurt that I haven’t fallen pregnant yet😭 I do work 24/7 but when we do the deed it’s always so cute a loving and romantic! I do have low b-12 and since I was like 16 and I’m 20 now my doctor said it’s always low so it’s normal for me!

I just recently got shingles due to being tired and so run down! So I am on meds atm.My partner and I spent the weekend in a hotel it was relaxing and sweet it started off rocky due to his crazy ex not leaving as lone but ended perfectly untill he had to go home. I just want to know how you lovely ladies stoped being so stressed and run down! I’ve tried to stop thinking about even falling pregnant but he wants it so much more then I do so it’s all he talks about and gets me excited too! I told him I want to wait untill after my 21st... witch makes him try harder I’ve been off and on th bill but haven’t been on it for almost a year now! We are also long distance witch makes it hard but he is moving down in the next couple of months!!

How did you ladies get lucky??