job uniform


I recently got a job at an amusement park near me. They provide the uniform, it's a purple shirt and khaki pants/shorts.....the problem is I'm plus sized. I found a shirt that fits great. XL fit me pretty snug, a 2x would have been ideal but they only had a 3x. it fits nicely as well. I got a fleece jacket in an XL. Fits perfectly. next came to pants....well let me tell you, KHAKIS SUCK FOR PLUS SIZED WOMEN. I tried on a sizes 20-24. in a pair but the "approved" pants are both pairs of Dickies and Dickies khaki pants aren't going to work. they'll end up fitting at my waist but now through it leg. I really need this job but it's extremely embarrassing that I can't find a pair uniform pants. I normally wear a size 22/24 but I have a problem with my pants always because I carry all my weight in my belly and my breasts, my legs never fill out my pants. I'm really confused as to what to do. what do I do if I can't find pants that fit? can they legally make me wear pants that are way too huge in my legs as a uniform? I'm pretty sure any plus size woman knows just because something goes on doesn't mean it fits!!!