TTC new here!

Hi I’m new here this is my first post!

Me and my partner have talking about a baby, its something we both want so we aren’t exactly trying but we also aren’t preventing.

I was on the depo shot for 3 years, my last shot was may 30 2017. I started getting very light bleeding September and October around the same time each month missed November and get it very early December which was very light and then again in the middle of the month then got in heavier like a normal period in January were I bled lightly 13-20 then bled again properly 23-29. I track my periods and take pre conception multi vitamins. We have sex every most days. So I thought this is the month when my period still has turned up

Since the 13th of feb I’ve had cramps like I was going to start my period to the point where I go to the bathroom to check and nothing. I have a wet feeling down there which makes me thinks it’s came! I’ve also had very sore boobs and been super tired

I did a test on the 17th and today (19th) and both negative so I don’t know what’s going on?! :(

Could it just be ovulation since my period have been all over the place? Or could it be implantation clamps?

Really wanted this month to be the one :(