Passing Time..... helppp 😫

What do you guys do while waiting to test? I’m so impatient!!!

I used OPK Strips for the first time this month. I know we BDed on the right days (did it every day that week and got a positive strip mid-week).

I had spotting 5dpo which lasted almost a week (very very light). I never had that happen before.

I took a test everyday so far from 8dpo-11dpo (today) and get VVFL. I took a digital today too but it was negative. I’m discouraged and thought this month could but it for sure but now I’m not sure. Ugh.

Today I feel like I have AF cramps. AF should be coming on Wednesday.

Here are pics from today’s test. The first is at 3 min and the second at 3 hours.