im frustrated.

I'm currently seeing this guy whom I really like. we're in a open relationship so on top of seeing each other, we're seeing other people. He's seeing this one Brazilian girl and aside from I'm currently not seeing anyone. Yeah, I get jealous sometimes but I really don't mind.

I don't care that he's seeing other people. I can't really say I love him either . I just really enjoy his company and he's easily my best friend. I'm just frustrated that he doesn't text me back as frequently anymore and he tends to blow me off more now. I'm not talking about responding 20 Minutes late, I'm talking more about 4-9 hours late. I've realized that the only time I really see him is if we're smoking weed together. I'd like to imagine our relationship isn't dependant on smoking weed but it seems apparent that it is. I've recently stopped smoking so much too so it kinda sucks I don't talk to him as much.

Even when we're hanging out, I have a lot of fun but nowadays it's really just us having oral sex and making out. I miss when we were just really good friends because when we were really good friends we had deeper conversations and could just hang out underneath the stars and share stories. I really like him and don't want to lose what we have though so I'm probably going to just deal with him ignoring me. I am happy that I have him in my life.