i don’t know what’s wrong..


i don’t know what’s wrong with my body or if anyone can even help but idk what to do and i feel more comfortable posting this than asking my mother.

i’m a week late to my period and have been having these awful cold and hot flashes. i thought it was just because i was sick but then they’re still here. they usually come from 9-6 on and off but i don’t know what’s causing them.

not only this, but it feels like i’ve lost complete control of my bladder. i’m constantly leaking and am having to wear panty liners just to make sure i don’t get anything anywhere while i’m out in public around people.

i obsess over my weight terribly and have noticed as well that i’ve gained 5lbs in the past week without changing my diet or exercise, not that i do anything anyways, at all.

i’m only 16 and am completely confused so please if anyone knows what’s up with my body then please reply..i’m just a little too stressed over this whole thing..